It all started with Grandma Loey’s love of the frozen creamy stuff.  She retired years ago and always talked about starting an ice cream truck.  Wouldn’t it be fun to drive around in the sun, the music playing, bringing ice cream to smiling faces?  It would be fun, but apparently not fun enough to commit to when you are enjoying the freedom of retirement.


Sprint 2009, enter Allie, a 12 year old with as much passion for ice cream as her grandma, the energy of, well, a 12 year old, and a mother, Lisa, who knows the marketing gig.  Don't forget Allie's dad, Mark, and all the handyman help he's offered and uncle Dan and his public relations savvy.  It truly is a family thing!


The research begins…we find out people aren’t seeing ice cream trucks much anymore and they would love to see a friendly face pulling those bomb pops out of the freezer.  Let's do it!  Why not? 


We want our ice cream truck to stop people and make them smile (okay, maybe even laugh).  Allie says, how about Pink Cow Ice Cream with a truck that looks like a pink cow?  Finally this kid gets to use one of her wacky, creative ideas!  She's also in charge of inventory, the website and as the chief customer service officer, Allie is who you will see most often as the Pink Cow window opens.  She'll make sure you get your ice cream treat!


But you never know, you may see Allie's little sister, Addie, the Pink Cow heir apparent.  She’s ready and waiting for her time in the Pink Cow.  But for now, Addie is just happy there’s an ice cream truck in the garage!